Yoga and meditation is the ultimate detox

Summer holidays is the best time of the year, especially for kids, I vividly remember my holiday time where we all kids gather at my place in early morning to do Yoga..yes that’s my childhood and I wasn’t the fan of yoga like my father but with his mentorship and dedication, I fell in love with it. My father taught me the value behind it and how it helps in detoxify the body and bring positivity in your life. This love still resides with me and has become the essential part of my routine. Thanks to him that I have continued it till now and wish to do it for many more years to come. Some five years back, I have also been introduced to meditation, this was the first time that i did any exercise for my mind or you may say “Yoga for mind”. We are growing in an environment where we have a choice between positive & negative thoughts and you have to identify and make a right one!

What’s in it for you?

  •         Best stress buster
  •         Can make it the way of your life
  •         Get hold of positive thoughts and spirituality

Ultimately help you to grow and spread the charm amongst your family and friends

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