Adventure is waiting for you!

The sports brings such a joyful memory from our childhood and at the same time makes us  competitive as, at that moment you forget about everything and all you want is to win and even you do not win then have great fun with the buddies.

Adventure Sports is a step ahead than regular sports and here you compete with yourself and overcome your inhibitions and fears, it feels like a big accomplishment if you are able to do complete “Zipline” over a lake , Jet ski at high speed, Kayaking with your friend all by yourself which is a highly fun activity.

Sports such as ATV Biking and Rappelling are good workout and fun for guys and girls who love adrenaline rush. Paintball is a great team-building exercise and bring lot of excitement and fun in a group, where you feel like you are part of a squad who got licence to kill

Banjara & Gypsy is a fun-loving group of people who organises these adventure sports during your stay at B&G camping site along with music, bonfire and great food.

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