Camping: More than a tent & Bonfire

“Star gazing in the camp”…My reaction was of dumbfound with wide open mouth. I was too young to understand constellations and galaxies but enough to fall in love with the beautiful camp which has stars in it. I now remember this memory so clearly because of that Colorful camp.

Today, Here I am, setting up bunch of camps for camping-lovers who want to take out time out of their busy lives and spend moment with oneself and friends, family in this beautiful lush green environment.

Why you should be here?

  • Away from the traffic, Bangalore traffic has worsened. Agree ?
  • Best place to have live music, fresh air, lakeview and healthy food.
  • Who wants to miss best bon-fire with marshmallow…yum yum..I promise you won’t forget the taste
  • Most important …to have your solo time.

Is it worth your time…Hell yes!!! Pack up your bags and get your buddies with you!

Early bird discounts ends Nov 12. Register here

Facts: Camping was first founded by Thomas Hiram Holding, a British travelling tailor

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